Lightroom Presets & Mentorships.  If you want to get your editing more consistent (Presets) – or if you’re a photographer and need a some help getting your business off the ground (Mentorships) – Here you go!  I see the wedding photography industry more as a community, and honestly, I get so excited to help aspiring artists.  Feel free to reach out if you have any questions 🙂


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The Tony Gambino Photography Lightroom Presets are finally here! I have been developing these looks for some time now and am excited to share them with you. The collection comes with 6 Color Presets and 2 B&W Preset. Each look has fade variations for a more flat look or to help with harsh light, as well as grain, vignetting and noise reduction tools. Cascades, Northshore, and Santa Fe – all places that have I have come to have a deep connection with. Make sure to watch the video (Fullscreen is best), and below is a description of each preset.

CASCADES – A mountain range found in the Pacific Northwest. This preset is great with taming heavy greens, and creating an ethereal film look. Skin tones pop, while keeping the overall tone fairly moody.

SANTA FE – A city in New Mexico. I developed this preset for desert tones, or to tame photos that have harsh light. One of my absolute favs.

NORTHSHORE – In Hawaii, on the island of Oahu. This preset is amazing when you want a film look, but still want to preserve some of the colors. Works great for tropical locations, or really any image where you want the colors to pop a little more.

B&W – Monochrome has always vibed with me. I created this preset to be a moody, high-contrast look that can be used across a wide range of images. Hello!

TGP Presets



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This is not an “I will give you a few tips, then good luck!” mentorship. This is an all in, all bases covered, creative & business training, complete mentorship. I will give you the tools/training you need to create a successful photography business. After 6 years of full-time wedding photography, I’ve learned a lot (mostly through trial and error), and have been able to earn over $200,000/yr during my busiest years. Over the course of a month we will have 4 Skype/FaceTime chats, open email communication, live shooting sessions (regardless of where you live, if we can work it out, or we can make other arrangements), you can even shadow me at a wedding – getting you prepared to not only be successful as a full-time photographer, but to absolutely kill it!

We will cover the following, and more….

Workflow.  Start to finish – All the methods & software that I have used to create an incredibly streamlined system. From booking a client, planning, prepping gear, file management, backups, editing, delivery, albums. This can get insanely complex, lets simplify it for you!

Marketing.  In an ever-changing marketing atmosphere, it’s insanely important to stay ahead of the game. Social media, relationship marketing, advertising, magazine/blog features – I got you!!

Shooting.  How to interact with clients, to get fun/candid images and real emotion! Styled shoots! You can’t sell what you can’t show!! Camera settings, composition, story telling, shot list, depth-of-field, gear review.

Editing.  Presets, outsourcing. Lightroom, photoshop, plugins. I will even give you a copy of my TGP Presets!

Portfolio critique.  Let’s have a look at your current portfolio to see where you might be able to make some improvements. From shooting, composition, editing, etc. I’ll help you dial in your own unique style, and most importantly help you find consistency!

Live shooting session.   I will help you set up a styled shoot, or an engagement session. Then I’ll tag along, taking notes, making suggestions, working on how to get real emotion and candid reactions out of your clients. And I will show you my approach to finding incredibly beautiful light! I’ll give you all my tips and tricks. You’re welcome to travel to me, or we can make other arrangements – no big deal!

Other topics –  Confidence, introverts vs extroverts. Billing, invoices, taxes, contracts. Etc.

One-On-One Mentorship



This is more of a simplified “help along the way” mentorship. I’m an open book! What do you need to improve to be more successful? All the direction you need to take your business to the next level!

Mentorship Skype/Facetime Session